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HBG Gaming among the leading companies of the Career Day organized by Brain at Work. The company has participated with HR specialists on a day dedicated to job orientation, an opportunity to bring young people closer to the workplace.



In the framework of ACADI (Italian Organisation of Entertainment Device Dealers) initiatives, in September 2016, HBGConnex SpA,CodereNetwork SpA, Cogetech SpA, Gamenet SpA, Admiral Gaming Network Srl (formerly G.Matica Srl), Intralot Gaming Machines SpA and NTS Network SpA have decided to sponsor an important initiative: a first level Master’s degree in Economics and Gaming Company Management, held at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, starting in November 2016. The aim of the Master’s is to train legal gaming professionals as competent figures able to respond in a timely fashion to the dynamism that characterises the public gaming sector. Participants in the course will develop in-depth technical skills falling within the operational scope of these business entities, on themes of an accounting, economic, financial, fiscal, contractual an d communication nature. The Master’s offers 280 hours of coursework, providing students the opportunity to attain 40 training credits, useful for obtaining a specialist degree. The professional profile of the Master’s can be found in the area of programming and management control, business job recruitment and within the gaming company’s legal domain; as an external consultant specialising in the subjects covered by the Master’s and within public gaming control bodies. Each dealer has also provided one or more business professionals as an instructor. The lecturers provided by HBG Gaming are: Giovanni Tiscione, Director of Finance and Control, Giorgio Catani, Chief Operating Officer (Financial Statements – Criticality related to Accounting Reporting in the Domain of Public Gaming Dealers: a Practical Case) and Claudio Altobelli, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director (Gaming Company Fiscal Profiles – Stability Law).  Furthermore, Alessandra De Angelis, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist of HBG Gaming, has led the Group’s Social Report as a concrete example within the lesson on “The role of social balance in business operations” held by Avv.Geronimo Cardia.

On conclusion of the Master’s, it is required that one participant engage in an internship with Dealers. HBG Gaming has already recruited its candidate, who is currently undergoing training in Contracts and Litigation within the Legal and Corporate Affairs Department.




HBG Gaming, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives, participates as a testimonial to Talent Days events organised by HRC Academy, the most important Italian HR Business Community. Talent Days are training and information orientation days led by HR Directors and HR Managers from major national and multinational companies that, as a Testimonial, help young people approach the workplace by providing participants with their own wealth of personal and professional skills and experiences. The primary objective is to help young people choose a career path in-line with their interests as well as with the demands of the workplace. The days were held in 2016 with the collaboration of LUMSA University, and also witnessed the participation of the children and family members of HBG Gaming employees, who helped contribute, through the Corporate Human Resource Manager, to the growth and development of Millennials. HBG Gaming received the prestigious “HRC CSR Awards 2016” prize at the HRC “Job for Millennials” Talent Meeting, which took place on 25 November 2016 at the LUMSA University Jubilee Complex, overlooking the Castel Sant’Angelo. The award testifies to the company’s significant contribution to the HRC initiatives dedicated to youth orientation in the Labour Market, in addition to the great sensitivity and commitment of HBG Gaming to newer generations.




In 2015, HBG Gaming promoted a cycle of higher education training seminars for company managers, with the goal of spreading, sharing and incorporating the values of good corporate culture. The virtues of “ethical management”, which relate to any organisation, were enunciated within the professional and industry area in which HBG Gaming operates, taking on particular significance. STAFF TRAINING 67 The importance of spreading and conveying the “culture of responsibility” to all employees was also highlighted. The seminar was organised by “Italia Etica”, the triannual magazine published by IPSE, Istituto per la promozione degli studi sull’etica (Institute for the Promotion of Ethics Studies), in collaboration with the CSR and the HR department. There are many important aspects of corporate culture, for example the values, business principles and ethical standards declared and applied by management, the company’s approach to HR management, the spirit and character behind the working environment, the interactions and relationships between managers and employees, the level of pressure between colleagues to work in a given way and follow the rules. For this reason, in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility HBG Gaming has offered its managers a cycle of seminars entitled “The Value of Responsible Management” with the goal of spreading and sharing the values of good corporate culture and incorporating them within HBG Gaming, and how they must be communicated to all employees. The January 2016 edition of Italia Etica detailed the training courses and the teachers’ contributions; the magazine was made available to all HBG Gaming workers in the main meeting rooms and other dedicated areas of the company premises.