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Società Italiana di Intervento sulle Patologie Compulsive (S.I.I.Pa.C., the Italian society for the treatment of compulsive disorders), officially founded in 1999, was the first organisation in Italy to set itself the goal of analysing the phenomenon of problem gambling in depth in order to offer an effective treatment programme not just to sufferers, but also to their loved ones.

HBG Gaming supports SiiPaC because we believe that specific professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists and tutors able to study, diagnose and treat complex problems such as gambling addition are necessary to fight problem gambling.

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2016 initiatives

HBG Gaming, in promoting its project on a responsible gaming culture, Gioca con la Testa, is renewing its commitment to preventing and treating persons affected by problem gambling by supporting S.I.I.Pa.C Lazio Onlus (Società Italiana di Intervento sulle Patologie Compulsive, the Italian society for the treatment of compulsive disorders).

The support of HBG Gaming will allow the association to guarantee free psychological prevention and support services. Specifically, a free psychological consultation will be offered to all players and family members who request support or information. All problem gamblers will be able to participate in information groups, in which the stages of development of the condition will be illustrated along with the cognitive distortions, the importance of financial tutoring etc. All problem gamblers will be able to take a place in biweekly treatment groups, led by psychologists specialised in addiction. Finally, HBG Gaming will be supporting S.I.I.PA.C.’s research into the factors associated with problem gambling.


2014 initiatives

Thanks to the donation from HBG Gaming, S.I.I.Pa.C has set up a completely anonymous chat line, which can be accessed at the following web address, where a psychologist specialised in problem gambling will provide the necessary support to those seeking help through this handy tool.

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