Social Responsibility/

Responsible Gaming

HBG Gaming makes great efforts to protect its gaming end customers, operating as it does in a sector which requires great responsibility, in particular by fighting illegal and clandestine gambling and reinforcing its corporate social responsibility.

The Progetto Gioco Responsabile (responsible gaming project) has been active since 2012, a programme which aims to promote clear and exhaustive communication around betting in order to facilitate informed choices on the risks of problem gambling, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable categories due to their age and social position. HBG Gaming has dedicated a progressive and constant commitment to the project, featuring different activities falling under the following main areas of action:

  • Ensuring minors do not have access to betting services anywhere or at any time • Promoting responsible gaming • Preventing problem gambling behaviour • Communicating with and providing support and information to end users

As well as the voluntary activities, the HBG Gaming companies which hold a concession have also complied with the requirements of the “Balduzzi decree” within the specified timeframe; these include putting up posters and labels and providing information through other channels about responsible gaming at the point of sale. At the beginning of the year, pamphlets and leaflets containing information on how to obtain help for gambling problems were also given out, along with a self-assessment test to allow customers to determine whether they might have a problem, providing them with details of dedicated support services at the same time.

Further confirming HBG Gaming’s commitment to promoting responsible gaming and the prevention of problem gambling are many upcoming and scheduled activities, including: new training modules aimed at employees and business partners so that they can facilitate access to helplines and associations/organisations able to provide help to people with a gambling problem; training courses carried out in collaboration with S.I.I.Pa.C. (Società Italiana Intervento Patologie Compulsive, the Italian society for the treatment of compulsive disorders) for Bingo Hall staff in order to help spread a culture of responsible gambling. Work is also in progress on a specific manual to help customers recognise and deal with gambling problems.


Protecting minors is one of HBG Gaming’s key commitments; this is carried out by checks in its Bingo Halls and widespread use of information stating that entry is prohibited to those under 18, both in the areas immediately outside the entrance, and with “no under 18s”, “play with your head” and “information” stickers on advertising for each product, information material and the operator’s website.