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Bring your child to work day


Impressive turnout for HBG Gaming’s “bring your child to work day”


HBG Gaming’s “bring your child to work day” was a great success, with 61 children making it in to the office.

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This initiative falls under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities, and is based on the consideration that the strength of the company lies in the people working there and that its core values are participation, sharing and teamwork. In particular, HBG Gaming is aware of the importance of the internal climate, the physical, psychological and social well-being of all its workers, and, above all, the necessary work-life balance.

From this point of view, it is important for children to get a glimpse of the company where their mothers and fathers work, in a festive and playful context. The eldest children were also able to take a tour of the office with an entertainment staff member and interview their parents’ work colleagues.

Concluding the day was a magic show with both children and parents present.

This wonderful day was made possible by the collaboration and enthusiasm of various HBG Gaming departments, and was a great success due to the way that the company came together and the desire to share the initiative with everyone, both those who were able to participate with their children and those who were not able to.

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Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success, to the families and above all to the children who brought a breath of fresh air and great enthusiasm to the office.



The Corriere della Sera newspaper’s “Take your child to work day” initiative comes to HBG Gaming


Children in the office! HBG Gaming is taking part in the Corriere della Sera newspaper’s “Take your child to work day” initiative. A special day amongst the computers, desks, documents, meeting rooms and break areas which will allow youngsters to see where their parents work. The initiative is scheduled for the 27th of May, and will feature a series of initiatives for the youngsters: entertainment, team games, quizzes, movement and skill games.

In the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, HBG Gaming recognises the importance of physical, psychological and social well-being for all its workers, as well as ensuring they enjoy a healthy work-life balance. For this reason, it is warmly embracing this initiative, with the goal of letting children see their parents’ workplace and what they get up to there, creating a moment of unity for the whole family.

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Advanced training seminar for HBG Gaming management


Every company has a unique and exclusive culture. HBG Gaming believes that a company’s culture is an important factor as it influences its business approach and actions. There are many key aspects of company culture, for example its values, business principles and the ethical standards declared and applied by management, the company’s approach to HR management, the spirit and character which animate the working climate, the interactions and relationships between the managers and employees, and the pressure applied between colleagues to work in a certain way and follow the rules.

HBG Gaming thanks Italia Etica for this course, which has further helped spread, share and integrate the values of a good corporate culture and highlighted the importance of how these issues must be conveyed to all employees.

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