Social Responsibility/

In planning events for the benefit of the community, HBG Gaming aims to proceed with the seriousness, transparency and search for excellence which sets apart the company’s business dealings.

We therefore first identified the areas in which we wished to operate, before selecting the most qualified partners, meeting quality and reliability criteria, with whom to carry out these activities for the benefit of the community.

Consolidated expertise in the specific fields, an exemplary reputation and the type of projects on which to build the partnership are the rigorous criteria which guide and determine HBG Gaming’s choices. This care reflects the Company’s commitment and desire in social and environmental matters, which aims to go beyond simply respecting regulations by supporting those projects and cultural initiatives which aim to make a real contribution to the life of citizens.

Supporting scientific research, solidarity and helping young people maximise their potential are the paths which HBG Gaming wishes to travel in order for the company’s growing commitment to CSR to become a strength on which to structure its corporate values.

Below are some of the initiatives already carried out and planned for the future with some of our selected partners:

TelethonFiaba OnlusSiiPacAil

In 2014 the company published its first CSR Report in order to summarise its initiatives not just in the financial and accounting areas, but also social ones taken to benefit its stakeholders and the community.

Download 2016 Social Report – English version

Download 2015 Social Report – English version