Organisational Model/

HBG Gaming’s constant commitment to guaranteeing propriety and transparency in its operations is also evident from its desire to adopt an internal control system which is able to prevent its directors, employees, representatives and business partners from committing illicit behaviour, to protect not only its position and reputation, but also the expectations of its stakeholders.

All companies in the HBG Gaming group have adopted an Organisation, Management and Control System in order to prevent and deal with illicit actions specified in Italian Legislative Decree 231 in a timely manner through a structured system of procedures and continuous monitoring to ensure that this system is correctly implemented.

The Code of Ethics and Behavioural Code forms an integral part of this Organisation, Management and Control System, and represents the tool used by HBG Gaming to translate its values into principles and standards of behaviour which all those with a relationship with the company must abide by.

This is further confirmation of the responsibility taken up by HBG Gaming to instil these principles of transparency in doing business into all the Group’s companies, as well as ensuring that all those who work for HBG Gaming share and participate in these values and goals.

Download the Code of Ethics

Download Modello_231_HBG-Entertainment.pdf (HBG Entertainment control system)

Download Modello_231_HBG-Connex.pdf (HBG Connex control system)

Download Modello_231_HBG-Gaming.pdf (HBG Gaming control system)

Download Modello_231_HBG-Online.pdf (HBG Online control system)