In line with its guiding values, HBG Gaming wishes to communicate in a clear and transparent way both within its company and to outsiders, and promote an exchange of information which is free and respectful.

“GIOCA CON LA TESTA” (Play Sensibly) is a blog created with this in mind. HBG Gaming wants to foster a healthy and responsible gaming culture in order to prevent pathological, and potentially dangerous, behaviour.

A blog is a communicative resource which, thanks to its intrinsic properties, allows us to reach out to an ever-expanding audience. It facilitates dialogue and interaction with people, whilst providing advice and suggestions aimed at ensuring that gaming is, and remains, a form of entertainment and leisure that does not escalate into addiction.

We are fully aware that we operate within a sector which requires a great deal of responsibility. It is for this reason that we always focus our attention on protecting the end consumer.

Launching this blog is a great step forward in HBG Gaming’s Social Responsibility strategy, which is not limited to standalone initiatives. HBG aims to undertake a series of integrated actions to facilitate more comprehensive and effective involvement from its stakeholders.

The blog is part of the Responsible Gaming Project, a programme which has been active since 2012, and aims to provide clear and exhaustive information about gaming so people can make educated decisions whilst being fully aware of the risks of excessive gaming. The blog also places a great deal of emphasis on supporting people who are most vulnerable due to age or social status.

link: www.giocaconlatesta.it/it/