HBG Gaming is sponsoring FIABA DAY, an event which is taking place on the 2nd of October in Piazza Colonna, Rome./

HBG Gaming is a concessionaire of the ADM and operates in the field of legal gaming and entertainment. Together with FIABA Onlus, it is promoting an Awareness-Raising Campaign pertaining to the quality of life perceived by people in the environment they inhabit.

For the fourth year running, HBG Gaming is sponsoring FIABA DAY, the national day dedicated to social equality. The 14th edition of the event is taking place on the 2nd of October in Piazza Colonna, Rome. HBG Gaming is supporting the fight against indifference, cultural and architectural barriers, and strives for cultural change.

Social responsibility is a value that HBG Gaming strongly believes in. For this reason, HBG’s business choices are inspired by protecting and promoting human and social rights, which are the basis of a civil and supportive society, set within a financial system of sustainable development.

HBG Gaming is promoting and supporting the FIABA Onlus association, whose aim is to remove all physical, cultural, psychological and sensory barriers in order to promote a culture of equal opportunities and create an environment which can be accessed and used by all, in line with the concepts of “Design for all” and “Universal Design“.

Fiaba Onlus for HBG Gaming is a concrete commitment to improving people’s quality of life by constantly working on themes such as mobility, planning, hospitality, design for all, rights, transport and accessibility.

With over 15 years of experience, HBG Gaming is one of the biggest Italian operators of safe and legal gaming regulated by the ADM, an Italian body which provides stable work to over 780 employees. HBG Gaming offers the best entertainment available on the market today with gaming products such as Bingo, NewSlot, Videolottery, Betting and On-line Gaming. To date, HBG Gaming manages 16 Bingo halls, over 35,000 NewSlots (AWP) distributed in 11,000 premises with over 480 partners, 4,798 video-lotteries on the Italian market, 52 betting agencies and a wide range of on-line games available via the SmartGames website.