Corporate Governance/

HBG Gaming has always taken its system of governance very seriously, aiming to guarantee that its activities reflect the values of transparency, responsibility and participation which are the founding principles of the company.

HBG Gaming S.r.l. is organised according to a traditional corporate structure, composed of:

Shareholders’ meeting, authorised to make decisions upon the matters reserved for it by law or by charter in ordinary and extraordinary sessions

Board of Directors, invested with the widest corporate management powers, with the ability to take all actions and decisions necessary to achieve the company aims, with the exception of those reserved, by law and/or by charter, for the Shareholders’ meeting

The Board of Directors is composed of three members, as follows:

  • Antonio Porsia, President;
  • Salvatore Candido, Director;
  • Giuseppe Calzolaio, Director;

Giuseppe Calzolaio also holds the role of Chief Executive.

Board of Auditors, who are responsible for ensuring:

a) That the law and the company charter are complied with, and that the principles of correct management are followed

b) The adequacy of the Company’s organisational structure, its internal control system and accounting system, also as regards the ability of the latter to accurately represent management performance and operating results

c) The adequacy of the measures taken by the subsidiary companies in relation to the information provided in order to fulfil their reporting requirements

The HBG Gaming S.r.l. board of auditors is made up of 5 members, as follows:

  • Giovanni Luca Cezza, President;
  • Marco Tani, Statutory Auditor;
  • Paolo Omodeo Salé, Statutory Auditor;
  • Ferdinando Lamanda, Substitute Auditor;
  • Daniele Di Paolo, Substitute Auditor.

– External Auditing Company: for all companies, auditing of the accounts is performed, as required by applicable legislation, by an external auditing company registered with Consob and appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting

The assigned external auditing company is Deloitte S.p.A.

– Supervisory Board: this is a body provided for by Italian Legislative Decree 231 of 2001, which regulates the administrative responsibility of bodies for crimes committed in their interest or to their advantage. HBG Gaming set up its own supervisory board in 2012 in order to monitor the effective compliance with the principles outlines in the Company’s Code of Ethics in order for these to be translated into daily behaviour in the performance of activities.

The Supervisory Board is composed of three members, as follows:

  • Luigi Fischetti (President)
  • Marco Moretti
  • Barbara Colucci.