Code of Ethics/

For a company like HBG Gaming, which operates in a complex and ever-changing sector, it is a necessity to clearly and unambiguously define the values the company aspires to and which it wishes to see respected.

The Code of Ethics and Behavioural Code is the tool used by HBG Gaming to translate its values into principles and standards of behaviour which all those with a relationship with the company must abide by. The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the Organisation, Management and Control System, pursuant to applicable legislation.

Not only the company’s employees, but also all external personnel who work with HBG Gaming as consultants and suppliers are required to follow the code. The obligations imposed by the code are mandatory, and violations are cause for termination of any contractual relationships.

HBG Gaming considers it essential for all corporate bodies, managers and employees to respect the principles set out in the Code of Ethics. In order to ensure maximum diffusion of the code, it is provided to all company departments, distributed in various formats to all employees and external contractors. In order to ensure that the code does not simply remain a list of good intentions, HBG Gaming has set up a Supervisory Board to monitor the effective compliance with the principles outlined in the document so as to ensure that they translate into daily measures taken in each person’s day-to-day activities.

The Code states that every person who holds a relationship with HBG Gaming must avoid any situation, actual or potential, which could generate conflicts of interest, and decline any promise of personal reward which could be perceived as a form of private corruption, operating at all times according to principles of propriety, honesty, impartiality and transparency. Moreover, it is prohibited to enter into relationships which do not offer guarantees of respectability and do not enjoy a good reputation, or whose name is associated with money laundering activities; in particular, relationships with public administration bodies must be conducted in accordance with principles of propriety, transparency and honesty.

A significant part of the Code of Ethics is dedicated to employee relations. Indeed, HBG Gaming considers its personnel to be a precious and indispensable resource; only thanks to their dedication and professionalism is the company able to meet ambitious goals. For this reason, HBG Gaming is committed to guaranteeing working conditions which respect individual dignity and providing a safe and healthy working environment; we also strive to provide equal treatment, without discrimination of any type, in order to provide a professional growth path based on equity, competition and merit.

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